Expense Reduction Evaluation

Our Mission is to provide Expertise in finding opportunities on how to reduce your business expenses

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We Audit All Account Payables

We know where to find the Deep Savings
We know where the others stop
We are the Second Opinion Team

Testimonials From our Clients
Sister Mary McCormickUrsuline Sisters of Youngstown
Ursuline Sisters Letter of Reference PDF
A former student initially recommended GeoStar to me.  We consulted them as we were beginning to negotiate natural gas and electric agreements.  GeoStar did the background work and was able to help us get better rates than ...

Testimonial Letter

Smitty's FlooringSmitty's Flooring
Smitty's Floors benefited greatly from our association with GeoStar
Professionals. Faced with prolonged battle with a vendor and making little progress, GeoStar offered to take over the good fight on our behalf, in less than a week not only was the issue resolved and all attempted ...

Testimonial Letter

George Brzezinski Director of Visitor ServicesChildren' Museum of Pittsburgh
 Click this link to read Testimonial LetterChildren's Museum Pittsburgh initially retained GeoStar to just evaluate our telecommunications. During the course of the evaluation GeoStar determined that utilizing a different provisioning, the museum could recognize a monthly savings.

Testimonial Letter

Mike Turkovich PresidentTymex Plastics
 Click this Link to read Testimonial LetterTymex Plastics has greatly benefited from our association with GeoStar Professionals.We were very skeptical and almost made the decision not to participate in the GeoStar Program because of ...

Testimonial Letter

Bob Hannon PresidentUnited Way of Youngstown
Click this link to read Testimonial Letter
Our engagement with GeoStar Professionals has been a resounding success for The United Way of Youngstown and the Mahoning Valley. GeoStar was able to reduce our monthly expense by 45% for cellular, trash removal, internet, ...

Testimonial Letter

Randy B Knight CPA City ManagerCity of Winter Park FL
“As the City Manager I get many solicitations each week and it is hard to separate the good ones from the "waste of time" ones.We recently found one that was one worth the time, GeoStar Professionals.We engaged GeoStar Professionals to do a study of our telephone costs and our merchant ...

Testimonial Letter

I love GeoStar!More importantly, I respect what you guys do, and have a high confidence level in your organization. I think it is great that you've created a business that essentially safeguards businesses against big corporations who take advantage of the confusing billing situations.I have been extremley satified with your ...

Testimonial Letter

Thank you for the quality, professional work performed by your organization over the past two years. Unlike other sales people or consultants we have worked with in the past, your unique "no risk" approach not only delivered the results promised but exceeded what we were hoping to see.

Testimonial Letter

We engaged with GeoStar Professionals Consultants to conduct an audit of our telecommunication, gas and electric expenditures and to provide recommendations on optimizing our existing services.We were extremely surprised to learn our current budget could be reduced by 44%!Click this Link for Testimonial Letter
Ryan Stovall
East ...

Testimonial Letter

Atty. Michael B.DockryAustinTownShip
Engaging with GeoStar Professionals has been a success story for Austintown Township.Austintown Township looks forward to a lasting engagement with GeoStar Professionals.I have no problem recommending GeoStar Professionals’ program to any organization that has the goal of cutting overhead expenses.Testimonial Letter

Waste happens in the best-run companies.

Invoices are processed by your staff without the knowledge to recognize errors.

Well-negotiated  contacts don’t always reflect market conditions.

Stretched purchasing manager’s can’t be experts in every field.

That’s where we come in.

We’re fixers, not consultants.

Since our establishment in 1999 we have been learning and solving the billing issues that plague business.

We work the phones do the follow-up, negotiate better contract terms.

We don’t get paid until we increase your bottom line.

We save clients hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

Cash that now goes direct to the bottom line, or is better invested to increase revenue.


Risk-free profit increase.

What could be easier?

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