About GeoStar Professionals

Most sales reps are good people who want to do well by their clients, but reps have to answer to boards and boards to shareholders. Quotas are established, products pushed from above and soon your rep is pressured to sell goods and services you don’t need at the highest price they can get. Once the contract is signed, customer service becomes a distraction from their next sale.

How do we know? We were those sales reps.

We created GeoStar Professionals because we didn’t like the inherent conflict of interest in sales organizations. Forging our own path, we decided to align our incentives with those of our clients, to use our experience to their benefit. No cozy relationships with providers, no hidden commissions, no baloney.

GeoStar Professionals gets you the right services for the right price—and we don’t make a dime until we’ve increased your bottom line.

GeoStar Auditors

We know the value of having an insider on our team and exploit it every day.  Our team is comprised of experts in their fields and those experts focus exclusively on their areas of expertise for our clients.  Our team members are the people who in the past sold you telecom, energy, merchant processing, and other core competency necessities.

Who better to know the true cost and the tricks of the trade?  Now they work for you.

GeoStar Fixers

If you’ve ever tried to battle bureaucracy, you know the value of having a bulldog on your side. These professional fixers know when to play good cop, when to play bad cop and how to consistently push a seemingly immovable object until it finally gives in.