Thank you for the quality, professional work performed by your organization over the past two years. Unlike other sales people or consultants we have worked with in the past, your unique “no risk” approach not only delivered the results promised but exceeded what we were hoping to see.
Jason D. Dodson, County Of Summit, OH
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Working with the GeoStar Professionals Team remains a very successful endeavor. …Their team strives to source for more cost effective solutions and they continually uncover new opportunities in areas we were originally unaware. I am happy to recommend that you consider their services based upon our successful experience.
Anthony O'Leary, Akron Metropolitan Housing Authority
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EGCC has participated in GeoStar’s program over the past year and they were able to identify significant savings for us. We can tell you from firsthand experience, the GeoStar Program is effective!
Dr. Jimmie Bruce, President , Eastern Gateway Community College
Engaging with GeoStar Professionals has been a success story for Austintown Township.

Austintown Township looks forward to a lasting engagement with GeoStar Professionals.
I have no problem recommending GeoStar Professionals’ program to any organization that has the goal of cutting overhead expenses.

Michael B Dockry, Austintown Township, OH
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We engaged with GeoStar Professionals Consultants to conduct an audit of our telecommunication, gas and electric expenditures and to provide recommendations on optimizing our existing services.We were extremely surprised to learn our current budget could be reduced by 44%!
Ryan Stovall, City of East Liverpool, OH
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Children’s Museum Pittsburgh initially retained GeoStar to just evaluate our telecommunications. During the course of the evaluation GeoStar determined that utilizing a different provisioning, the museum could recognize a monthly savings.
George Brzezinski, Children's Museum Pittsburgh
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Our engagement with GeoStar Professionals has been a resounding success…GeoStar has been able to reduce our monthly expense by at least 50% in cellular, trash removal, and internet. Our partnership with GeoStar has benefited us greatly and I highly encourage any organization to follow in our footsteps.
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“…Our decision to hire GeoStar to consult on various impending financial decisions has proven to be an incredibly wise decision, as well as a financially sound one…I strongly urge your organization to consider a partnership with GeoStar.”
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“…GeoStar has helped us to realize significant savings on the premiums we have to pay for workers’ compensation coverage. I recommend GeoStar without reservation. They have been a great source of information and are reliable and trustworthy partners with us.”
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“Faced with a prolonged battle with a vendor, and making little progress, GeoStar offered to take over the good fight on our behalf.
Do not hesitate to engage with GeoStar. They are an asset for my company and I am confident they will be for your company.”
Michael Smith, Smitty's Flooring
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Tymex Plastics has greatly benefited from our association with GeoStar Professionals.
We were very skeptical and almost made the decision not to participate in the GeoStar Program because of a previous bad experience.
Michael Turkovich, Tymex Plastics
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“As a result in working with GeoStar, City Printing has realized a greater than 40% drop in our electricity supply charges. …I highly recommend allowing GeoStar to review your recurring expenses. You will find it to be a beneficial partnership.”
Joe Valentini, City Printing
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“GeoStar has recommended additional areas for review…Their expertise is a welcomed addition to our internal staff, relieving some administrative burden from us while saving Greenwood Chevrolet time and money.”
Dave Roberts, Greenwood Chevrolet
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I entered into my agreement with GeoStar with low expectations. I’ve always believed that as a company we excelled at managing our expenses yet I was willing to participate in an independent review. GeoStar confirmed our good work in many areas, but to my shock they made a significant improvement in the one area I believed there was no opportunity to improve my costs – merchant processing.
Susan Cornish, College Nannies & Tutors
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I Love GeoStar!

More importantly, I respect what you guys do, and have a high confidence level in your organization. I think it is great that you’ve created a business that essentially safeguards businesses against big corporations who take advantage of the confusing billing situations.

I have been extremley satified with your service. Your program should be a “no brainer” to any decision maker that you present this to.

Craig Klein, President, Capital Recovery
As the City Manager I get many solicitations each week and it is hard to separate the good ones from the “waste of time” ones.

We recently found one that was one worth the time, GeoStar Professionals.
We engaged GeoStar Professionals to do a study of our telephone costs and our merchant services costs.

They were able to save us several thousand dollars per month by reviewing our system utilization and billings.

All of it was done on a contingency basis, so there was no risk if they couldn’t save us money.

Randy B. Knight, C.P.A. - City Manager, City of Winter Park, Florida